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  • Igniting Curiosity

    Diverse and Challenging Curriculum

Amy Yustick, Maumee Valley Parent

"The Middle School at MVCDS creates a culture that allows each student to gain the confidence to express their unique individuality and gain a true sense of self. This is seen through curricular learning when students are given the freedom to choose different mediums to present what they have learned but also extends beyond the classroom. Regardless of experience level, students are encouraged by both peers and faculty to join different activities to discover the long jumper or cellist or engineer hidden within themselves. Because of MV, my children have the confidence to stay true to themselves and their values when facing any situation or challenge."
Our core academic courses include classes in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and world language. The skills-based curricula support teachers in the development of confident students and lifelong learners. Technology is integrated into all core academic classes, providing students with opportunities to become proficient and responsible digital citizens.

Through our core course offerings and variety of elective experiences, Maumee Valley prepares middle school students for their future years of study. Aligned with our Upper School’s learning goals, the middle school academic program is designed to provide students with developmentally appropriate experiences that prepare them to be successful in ninth grade and beyond. Upon completion of eighth grade, students will have the foundation of content and skills necessary, in addition to a diverse portfolio of experiences, to enroll in a rigorous course of study in the Upper School.

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  • Pursuit of Passion

    Middle School eXtended Block
Maumee Valley Middle School’s unique schedule provides students the opportunity to explore their passions and interests during eXtended-Block (X-Block). Students conduct research, connect with professionals outside of the school, and meet with their on-campus mentors to learn more about a topic in which they are interested. Information gathered is presented by students to the school and local community through projects, proposals, and presentations.

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  • Your Educational Journey Begins Today

    Welcome to Maumee Valley
    For more information contact us at or by calling 419-381-1313.
Maumee Valley Country Day School is the only PreK-12th grade accredited, co-educational, and independent school in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.
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